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Mortal Danger - Ann Aguirre

Here's the thing. I've been reading a lot of YA.  A lot. And they've been the hyped books, which I don't always do, because I'd rather read the buzzed about books than the hyped ones. Feels more grassroots to me, versus "Big Brother says you should read this..." Despite this one getting lots of hype, I wanted to read Mortal Danger because I think Ann Aguirre crafts brilliant stories, and also because her editor is my editor, who I think is the best in publishing. So I picked this up, knowing it would be a good read, but also thinking I knew how it would go. I WAS SO WRONG. This was not some girl discovering she had cool new powers. Holy shit. I could not have been more wrong. Or more delighted at being wrong. I love Edie, the main character. From the freaking GET GO I loved her. And Kian, the male lead? Don't get me started. (And may I add, best makeover since Mia Thermopolis...) Loved this book, dying to read the next one. So so good.